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Sandi Lear video



An auto-didact passionately addicted to watercolour, Sandi is a retired Paramedic/ Officer-in-Charge and Physician Assistant. Having spent some 16 years travelling the world, Sandi has been immersed in the wildlife and wild places of this planet, providing a wealth of inspiration. 

Sandi began painting in 2012 after a life-changing event.  Her first work won Best Emerging Artist and she has since gained an international reputation and collector base, is highly sought after as a teacher, and is a Signature Member of the prestigious Artists for Conservation.  

Capturing the essence of her subject with exquisite focus leaving the remainder in semi-abstracted form, Sandi uses allegory to draw thoughtful parallels between her subject and the human condition, often depicting her dedication to help protect endangered species and the wild places of our planet.   

Her work is represented internationally and features in public and private collections in Australia, the USA, China and Europe.  And now her work will be immortalised on the Moon in the Lunar Codex Polaris Collection, with all 22 seasons of Put Some Colour in Your Life TV program, departing Earth courtesy of Space X & NASA for the South Pole of the Moon in November 2023.

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